PAHS virtual art show


Photo by Megan Burns

The PAHS art show is normally an in-person show held at John S. Clarke. Despite it being virtual, students were still eager to submit their various artwork pieces. “I am a little sad that there isn’t an in person show, but I’m glad that there’s still something going on. The art students deserve to show off the works that they’re proud of. I submitted a landscape painting because I really liked how the colors turned out,” said senior Meg Burns.

This year the Pottsville Area School District’s Annual Art Show will be an online, virtual exhibit. 

The digital art show will be displayed digitally, and it will feature K-12 student artworks from the 2020-2021 school year. 

Any Pottsville Area School District student can volunteer to submit a photograph of an artwork they created in an art course they were enrolled in during the 2020-2021 school year, and students may submit more than one artwork.

Like previous years, participation in the art show is not required. 

The deadline for artwork submissions was Friday, 5/14.

“I’m very excited to see all of the art that will be displayed in the virtual art show. I think it is a great compromise to have our live art show as normal as possible. It gives people that would not be able to go to our art show the ability to view everyone’s work that they worked hard on. I have submitted 6 out of 9 pieces of my work including an impossible still life, a charcoal phobia drawing, my charcoal self portrait, an illustration project, my watercolor mosaic painting, and my still life watercolor painting,” said junior Gwen Hamilton. 

“It’s sad to know we can’t see everyone’s artwork in person, but it’s cool that we have found a way to still share the things we’ve worked hard to make this year online. I think it’ll be a good way to end the year with another “normal” thing as well,” said junior Kaylee Becker.