Being full virtual: a student’s perspective


Photo by Julia M. Cameron

Fully virtual students share their struggle of receiving fully virtual schooling. Students were presented with the option of in-person or full virtual. While attending virtual classes students at home are expected to join live presentations that count towards their attendance.

Ugh! Six o’clock and it’s Monday morning.  Full virtual students face an abundance of challenges during the school year. From waking up and rolling out of bed to having your eyes glued to an iPad from seven to two-thirty can be stressful. When asked about the experiences of being a student receiving full virtual schooling, students had a lot to say. 

Sophomore, Lillian Nelson conveys the technical difficulties she faces as a virtual student. 

“One of the difficulties they face about being a virtual student is technology. For example, I’ll be down on a Google meet and out of nowhere I’ll get kicked out of the meat, and when I try to get on it says I have a bad Internet connection, even though my Internet connection is fine” and she also says, “When I attend live classes on Zoom/Google meet I feel like I’m not learning as much as the kids actually in the classroom. Even though we’re learning the same stuff, it’s a lot harder to concentrate and listen when there’s a lot of distractions at home ” 

While some students dislike virtual schooling, others have felt completely opposite.

Sophomore Ella Adams conveys how much of a positive experience being fully virtual has been for her.

“I’m in a comfortable environment with the freedom to do what I please. I’m still in contact with all of my friends and it’s a much better learning environment for me. Attending live classes isn’t not bad at all, I enjoy it a lot more than actually attending. I’m able to be comfortable. I like that I can be comfortable in my home, sometimes I even do my work outside. I can do my work when I please, and I’m not trapped in school.”

When asked, Sophomore Kaitlin Painter shares her perspective on virtual schooling as an in-person student.  

The biggest obstacle for me was communicating with my teacher especially if I didn’t get what we were doing in class. Like say we were learning something new on a Thursday when I was all virtual and we had a test on Monday, I would try to ask my teacher over email and I would just get even more confused. Virtual schooling can be an inconvenience for many students,especially at home. It is so much easier not to pay attention to your class. At home there are so many distractions and if you don’t pay attention to your class,while it is going on, you will fall behind. I think since the vaccination came out, more and more people are starting to get it, and it is possible that the students will have to get it. It is nice to sit at home in your sweatpants and sweatshirts while doing school, but I much rather come to school. I feel virtual school is so much harder to learn because if you don’t get something you have to email your teacher instead of just asking right there and then.”