Veterans Day: to remember the fallen


Photo by Greta Snukis

(Pictured above Fort Indian Town Gap memorial) Fort Indiantown Gap is a National cemetery for fallen soldiers who die in active duty or any Veteran who was discharged under conditions that aren’t dishonorable. The cemetery was built on October 7, 2001 and many who served are buried here. Freshman Maddie Carl said, “Both my grandfather and uncle were in the military.”

 Veterans Day is a memorable holiday that honors all of those who have served, and the men and women continue to serve for the country across seas, and in wars. Originally the holiday was called Armistice Day, but that was changed shortly after World War lI. Armistice Day received its name through a congressional resolution that was passed on June 4,1926. The name was changed to Veterans Day to honor the veterans of World War II. The holiday’s name was  officially changed in 1954.

Junior Ally Rutherford said, “It is important to remember Veterans Day so we can celebrate and remember all the soldiers that have fallen and are still fighting for our freedom. My cousin served in the army branch for 5 years.”

The first Veterans Day was October 25th 1971 and is now celebrated all around the world yearly.

Freshman Maddie Carl said, “ Both my grandfather and uncle were in the military. My grandfather was in the Army, and also in the Navy.”

Veterans Day is an important day to celebrate with family and friends, because there may be veterans in your family you didn’t even know about.

Many students of Pottsville Area high school feel the same about Veterans Day. It is an important day to celebrate and remember the men and women who have fought for our country, and still do until this day.

Not only does our country celebrate it, but other countries around the world celebrate it as well.  Canada and Australia both call November 11th “Remembrance Day.” Canadians wear red poppy flowers to remember and honor those who perished in war. Australia celebrates it a lot similar to the United States. Great Britain also calls it “Remembrance Day” but observes it closest to the Sunday of November 11th.