Weather drills at PAHS


Photo by Leilani Lespiegle

There was an earthquake drill on October 15, 2020. Several students are shown following procedures for an earthquake drill. Mr. Jeremiah Lynn (not pictured) said, “I feel that the drills are a necessary part of keeping everyone safe in our building.”

At PAHS, there are certain drills that occur once every month. These drills are to ensure the safety of students and teachers. Weather drills are conducted twice every year, while fire drills occur only once a month. 

There’s one thing that we wanted to know: How do people attending PAHS feel about drills here? When asked, Mr. Lynn felt that these drills were important and shouldnt be taken lightly. 

Mr. Jeremiah Lynn says, “I feel that the drills are a necessary part of keeping everyone safe in our building. With hundreds of students in the high school at any given time, it makes sense to practice our response to emergency scenarios, so that panic does not ensue if we are faced with an actual emergency.” 

Sophomore, Jordan Steidle had other thoughts on the matter. “I wasn’t bothered by the drill last Thursday. I understood why we had to have it. I do think it’s necessary because if a situation is presented to us such as, a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane, we would need to be prepared and understand what has to be done.”

Sophomore, Rebecca Goodman thinks that it is highly important that we are prepared. She said, “Weather drills in order to prepare us if something would happen such as fire drills and weather drills. It is important that we have the drills in case something would happen, we would be prepared.”

Sophomore Sean Nebroskie finds these precautions necessary even if we don’t experience any natural disasters.“I believe the drills are handled well and are done the right amount of times and frequently for us to understand what to do. I think that weather drills are necessary at PAHS because we never know when bad enough weather will show up and it helps to have just a peace of mind. Sure, we’ll likely ever have a tornado or full power hurricane show up to Pottsville but it helps to know in case there’s just a really bad storm or we get the leftovers of a hurricane.”

Everyone agrees that these drills are established to keep everyone safe. That’s why it’s important for us to have these routines monthly or yearly.