Band to Attend First Competition in Three Years!


Pottsville Area High School Band members are pictured above performing their Pregame show in Veteran’s Stadium. In the past, the band performed at one competition every year. “The band hasn’t attended a competition in a while, so we are all very excited to go and perform,” said sophomore majorette Vanessa Biddle.

Have you ever wondered what a marching band competition would be like? Who would participate? How long would it be? What songs would be played?  You have the chance to find out. 

A band competition will be taking place on October 19th, on the field at North Schuylkill high school. It will include marching bands from the area including Pottsville, North Schuylkill, Wilson, Mahanoy Area, Schuylkill Haven, Tamaqua, Northern Lehigh, Lake Lehman, Pocono Mountain East and the North Schuylkill Football Band. The Pottsville band students will not be competing against the other schools, but they will be performing their halftime show “Queen” in exhibition. 

The competition will begin at 5:55 PM, and each band will have the chance to perform in front of the crowd and judges. After everyone is done performing, awards will be presented at 8:30 PM. 

Although participating in a band competition purely for entertainment might seem nerve racking, members of the band and band front feel the opposite. 

“This will be my first competition, but I’m not worried. We are just there to do our halftime show and watch other bands. It should be fun,” sophomore baritone player Kendra Spevak said. 

“This will be my first ever competition, but I am prepared with all the practices we do for flags, so it should be very enjoyable,” freshman flag Emilee Clews said. 

Just as the band is made up of different sections with different instruments, the band front is made up of flags, majorettes and rifles. 

“I think the band competition will be fun, because that’s what it’s all about. We’re a great band and we put in a lot of hard work. When it comes to performing, I think the most important thing is to enjoy it,” said majorette junior Katie Brennan. 

Director of the Pottsville band, Mrs. Katelynn Reichard thinks it will be beneficial by learning valuable competition experience as a band. 

“I believe this exhibition is a great learning experience for our students. We will be watching and listening to other marching bands that can perform at the same skill level or better. We can observe and learn how to work as a better team and perform as a stronger ensemble. I hope that our students have fun and learn something from this experience. And yes, of course I believe we will do well,” said Reichard.

The PAHS band is scheduled to perform at 6:30 PM.