What does our future hold?

On February 6, the entire 8th grade class visited the Schuylkill Technology Center (STC). STC has two different campuses – north campus in Frackville and south campus in Marlin. At the beginning of the day, the staff split up the 8th graders into two groups. The first group visited the north campus, while the second group went to the south campus. In the afternoon, the groups switched and visited the opposite campus. Mrs. Melissa Yoder, DHHL guidance counselor, organized and chaperoned the field trips.

“The north campus was not fun, but the south campus was. South campus had a nicer restaurant and kitchen. Carpentry had more options than north campus,” 8th grader Aiden Seward said.

There were many things to learn about at STC. Some of the things we learned are things you do in the programs, jobs you can get with the programs, and salaries for those jobs. Some of the programs available at STC include automotive technology, carpentry technology, culinary arts, diesel technology, early childhood care & education, electronics technology, emerging health professionals, masonry technology, health careers, pre-engineering technology, business management, collision repair technology, computer information systems, cosmetology, criminal justice, plumbing & heating technology, precision machining technology, residential/industrial electricity, welding technology, and small engine repair.

8th grader Meadow Eckert said,” It was very nice and it was fun. Our tour guides were excellent people. The teachers explained things in an easy way, where it was easy to understand.”

It was fun to visit each program and experience what it was like. It is nice to know that STC is an option for furthering our high school experience. Many students did not know about these expansive program options in planning their future careers and high school plans.