Body of a fish… Head of a cat?


Junior Julia Malek created a classic Chimera- the catfish- for her Chimera project in Computer Art. She enjoyed the assignment. “I think it was really fun, it was great to have an opportunity to create an animal and it was exciting.”

When you think of mythical creatures, you probably think of the beautiful, enchanting unicorns, or something terrible and ugly, like the ogre. Chimeras are the mutts in the mythical world. They are created from combining two or more animals together, like lions and eagles to form a griffin. Chimeras are featured throughout classical mythology, appearing in Greek tales or medieval romances like King Arthur. Some chimeras are so ridiculous, so outlandish and hard to imagine, that they’re almost cute. In Miss Lindsey Boncore’s Computer Art class, students were asked to create their own chimeras by using Photoshop.


Reilly Babcock, grade 12


Why did you pick these animals?

I wanted to make something super creepy and kinda disturbing. I was wondering, “What can I put on a snake?” An ostrich’s neck is about the same width, so I put them together.

 Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not?

I really enjoyed this project because it was a lot more fun than some of the others.

Do you enjoy computer art? Why or why not?

I do, it’s definitely more challenging than my other classes than I’m used to, but it has been a lot of fun.


Savannah Reilly, grade 11

How did you decide on what animals to use?

I kind of just wanted the weirdest combination I could think of so I chose something with the shortest neck and the longest neck.

Why did you use three animals instead of two?

I always like to take an extra step in things and I thought it would add an extra

something else for someone to look at.

What is your favorite part of computer art?

I like learning about art that I never had experience in before because all of this is so new to me. I like learning about modern art and the more updated art.

 Is this your favorite project of the class so far?

 Probably because it was a really funny concept and I like doing things with a comedic value but at the same time it let me utilize my skills as a photoshop artist.


Julia Malek, grade 11

What are your thoughts on this assignment? Why do you like or dislike it?

I think it was really fun, it was great to have an opportunity to create an animal and it was exciting.

Why did you pick these two specific animals?

I really like puns. My project is a catfish with a cat head and i thought it would be really clever.

Are you enjoying computer art more than you are enjoying any of your other classes?

Im certainly enjoying this class more than any other classes because I have more freedom to do things that I couldn’t in any other class.