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One of Emmett Kraft's works in the form of graffiti. "I researched graffiti and started to teach myself how to do it."

Fifth grade student Emmett Kraft spends his free time making graffiti art. Graffiti is colorful and vivid art, typically done on sidewalks, streets, walls, buildings or train cars.   

What drew you to graffiti? Why do you enjoy doing it?

I feel like it’s the only art I’m good at. I feel like when I passed by train cars, I would be amazed at what I looked at.

How does graffiti differ than other art forms for you?

There’s a legal and illegal side to it. There’s a thing called legal walls, which is legal.

 How did you start doing graffiti?

 At first, I wasn’t really doing graffiti; I just started doing bubble letters with my name. Then, I researched (graffiti) and started to teach myself how to do it.

What’s your favorite surface to graffiti on?

I haven’t done any walls yet, but I get pieces of drywall and I spray paint on those.

Do you want to do walls in the future?


Is graffiti your favorite hobby?

I don’t think so I like skateboarding more. But it’s my second favorite hobby.