Teens and Tattoos


Tattoo artist Chris Cutruff from Good Vibrations in Pottsville works on a leg tattoo color fill. The large flower design took multiple sessions to complete and satisfy the customer’s vision. “[Teens] might not like the tattoo they got when they were 15. By the time they are 30, they may regret it. It will be something [teens] have to live with for the rest of [their] lives,” Cutruff said.

     Many teens like to express themselves with tattoos or piercings. To get a tattoo on their own teens must be 18 years old and legal adults. However, younger teens can get tattoos with a parent present, written consent, birth certificate (or ID), and custody agreement, if applicable. Even with all these permissions, some tattoo artists still refuse to give tattoos to those under the age of 13.

      Tattoo artist Chris Cutruff from Good Vibrations in Pottsville said “ Teens can get tattoos, but it is up to the parents or guardians of the teen on whether they can get one or not. It can be dangerous for teens to get tattoos. Just because teens are young, and some are irresponsible, there can be serious side effects from not taking care of tattoos.”

    Freshly done tattoos have to stay wrapped for 24 hours and dressed everyday until healed. Without this care, the area can become infected and it can even lead to a blood infection. 

     Some students who attend Pottsville high school already have tattoos of their own. Junior Scott Dronick said “ Having or getting a tattoo can let a person express themselves or be able to show off their creativity or even a story behind it.”

     While some parents might not approve of tattoos, others support them. 

     Parent Mariah Dixson said “It’s just artwork.” 

     However parent Daniel Micheal said, “No teen is responsible enough.” 

     Some teens have  thought about getting tattoos like Lucy Snyder, a sophomore at Pottsville. “I have 4 tattoos,” Snyder said. 

     Tattoos can be  beautiful artwork pieces or a life-threatening dangers. Unique perspectives contribute to these personal decisions.