Passing Through the Court

  1. Nickname? Maya
  2. Grade? 12
  3. Birthday? July 21st, 2005
  4. Future education? Penn State Main Campus
  5. What is your go to move for basketball? Ball fake
  6. Who is your favorite NBA player? Tyrese Maxey
  7. Favorite flower? Daisy
  8. Favorite cookie from Crumbl Cookie? Chocolate Chip
  9. Favorite food? French Fries
  10. Salty or sweet? Sweet
  11. Visual or hands on? Visual
  12. Why did you choose 13 as your jersey number? It’s my lucky number
  13. Jif peanut butter or skippy? JIF
  14. Who is your favorite cousin? Wyatt Selinko
  15. When did you start playing basketball? 5 years old
  16. Favorite place to eat? Chipotle
  17. Favorite candy? Airheads
  18. Early bird or night owl? Night owl
  19. What is your favorite high school basketball memory? Beach tournament
  20. Guers or TurkeyHill? Guers
  21. Who will win March Madness this year? Villanova
  22. Which sport do you like playing more, basketball or soccer? Both, I can’t decide, I love them both.
  23. What is your least favorite sport? Track
  24. What’s the one thing you need for basketball practice? Pre wrap
  25. Favorite school subject? Science
  26. Sheetz or Wawa? Wawa
  27. Favorite binge worthy show? Money Heist
  28. What is your dream career? Physician Assistant
  29. What is your favorite vacation spot? Key West, FL
  30. What is a message you want to give your teammates? Always have fun and play for each other.