Another season of Pottsville Wrestling begins


160 pound junior Nick Kunstek takes down his opponent.

Another season of Pottsville wrestling has commenced. The team is headlined by names such as, Xavier Phillip Johnson, Brayden Evans, Parrish McFarland, Terrell McFarland, Connor Demcher, Dalton Monger and many others. The team as a whole is projected to be one of the best in Schuylkill County. Last year many people including Parrish McFarland and Connor Demcher went to state matches.

“I am very excited for this season to start and I can’t wait to see what happens this year,” sophomore Brayden Evans says. “This shows that people on the team are excited to see what the team can do this year,” said Evans.

“I am very excited for my senior year to start; however when it ends I’ll be very upset. I’ve been wrestling for many years and I don’t want it to end”, states senior Xavier Phillip-Johnson.

Wrestlers are happy for the year to begin, but they are going to lose a lot and are going to miss wrestling after the season has ended.

“I feel pretty good about this season, we have a good line up this year with kids that work hard and put time in and will do their jobs. We will do pretty good this year as a team”, says junior Parrish McFarland.

This past week Pottsville went against Jim Thorpe on Wednesday and Saturday they traveled to wrestle at a tournament called King of The Mountain. There were 29 teams within the tournament. Last weekend they wrestled at a tournament called Case-Flynn duals. The team was led by Parrish McFarland, Nick Kunstek, Connor Demcher, Blake Bender, and Dalton Monger, all winning all 5 of their matches and leading the team to first overall.