Students commit to colleges


Amari Dunn plans to attend Muhlenberg College to further his football career. He believes it’s important to go somewhere that makes you feel wanted. “I chose Muhlenberg College because it was the best option for me to reach my main goal. My main goal is to go to the NFL. Muhlenberg has a great football team and will help me achieve many goals on the field and off. It felt like home when I visited, especially the people there. The coach welcomed me with open arms and made things feel more efficient than other schools that recruited me for football,” said Dunn.
Taylor Welsh plans to attend Bloomsburg University. She is going there for nursing and hopes to further her softball career. “I committed to Bloomsburg because it has a very good nursing program and the coach was very nice and was willing to work with a possible busy nursing schedule. I hope to get better at softball from practicing around players at the collegiate level,” said Welsh.
Adra Schell plans to attend Alderson Broaddus University to continue running cross country. She hopes to become a lawyer after graduating college. “I chose to commit to Alderson Broaddus University because it is a tiny private school in West Virginia that will benefit me best in both academics and athletics. The average class size is 16, so I know if I need extra help, it’ll be available to me. Their Legal Studies major is also one of the best they offer, and I believe it will help prepare me the most for law school. I hope to not only excel academically, but also athletically at AB. I want to keep my GPA relatively high, and get close to breaking some of the school records. My goal for all 4 years at AB is to do well in my classes and qualify for NCAA D2 Nationals at least once,” Schell said.
Travontai Davis plans to attend Muhlenberg College. His dream job is to become either an assistant coach or team manager. “I committed to Muhlenberg because I saw a lot of opportunities there and plus it’s local! My plans are to hopefully have a great education for business and get me on the right track to have the dream job I’ve always wanted. They have a high graduation rate so that’s very good and also a very great football team,” said Davis.