Tide Territory- Blue Mountain Takes The Loss!


Courtesy of Jamilah Philip-Johnson

Patrick Yoder high fives a student from PAHS while walking out of the locker room to enter the football field at Friday night’s game. The Crimson Tide ended up winning against Blue Mountain 42-0. “We are young to bring the energy we have had all year and double for games against Blue Mountain” said Yoder.

     Every game played against Blue Mountain is always a thrilling experience for students, fans and players. Pottsville Varsity Football and Girls Varsity Soccer had the chance to play Blue Mountain last week! On Thursday, October 18th, Varsity Girls soccer played against their rivals in the Schuylkill League Championship at Lehighton. The PAHS Varsity Football team also played Blue Mountain Friday, October 19th, at home on senior night. 

     Freshman soccer player Alyssa Goodman said, “ Blue Mountain is our rival and it gives us more competition and excitement.” 

     Going into a big game like this, players have to be focused. 

     Senior soccer player Cora Alvarez said,” Before Blue Mountain, I know I have to give it my all, no matter what, and play to the best of my ability.” 

     The PAHS Varsity Girls soccer team kept their undefeated season and beat Blue Mountain 3-0 in the Schuylkill League Championships. They will be continuing into the District games facing Blue Mountain Thursday, October 25th at Lehighton. 

Varsity Football

           Junior football player Indiana Raess-Sausser said, “The intensity of the game and the energy from the team and fans is what makes the game even better.” 

         It is better to have a focused mindset before a big game, especially a rivalry game, not only for soccer, but for football too. 

    Junior football player Patrick Yoder said, “ The mindset is to start fast and to get ahead early and force them to quit.” 

     Pottsville pulled through with the win against Blue Mountain 42-0. They play North Schuylkill Friday, October 24th and hope to continue their 8-1 winning streak.