Singing through PAHS


The choir members warm up as they prepare to go on stage for their concert. Senior Xaviere Phillip Johnson said, “I am excited to have my last choir performance but sad I won’t have another concert. My favorite song has to be “Isn’t She Lovely” because you can’t go wrong with Stevie Wonder.”

Sounds of music echoed through the auditorium of PAHS on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. The choir sang concert classics like “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder, a “Les Misérables Medley,” and “Dies Irae” by Mozart. The concert lasted about an hour with a variety of music, from songs in Latin to songs in Hebrew.

PAHS’s choir consists of a small group of students that just like to sing. The students dedicate every fifth period to singing and learning new music in choir rehearsal.

“Singing is one of the many things that I actually enjoy,” said Junior Sophia Rulavage. “Not only do I like to sing for myself but I like to sing for other people to spread the joy of what singing is,” Rulavage said.

Members of the choir prepared for the upcoming concert by practicing both on and off stage.

“I like being in choir because I love to sing and I love the teachers who teach the class,” junior, Lorelei Howe said. “My favorite part of the concert was the Les Misérables Medley.”

Both Mrs. Katelynn Reichard and Mrs. Emma Libby will ask the students’ input for songs, and they try their best to incorporate it into each year’s song repitarue. Each year, there are many students that are able to be featured as a soloist. This year some of the featured students included: Dylan Porprock, Sophia Rulavage, and Michael Prestilio, etc.

“The choir concert was filled with amazing people and performances with crazy talent which made the convert a joy to attend,” said senior, Trinity Reedy.

If you’re interested in joining the PAHS Choir, all you have to do is put the class in your schedule or if you have lunch during fifth period you can simply join.