Trump faces Charges

Just a few short years ago in the United States we had forty fifth president Donald J. Trump. For years, Trump was surrounded by controversy, such as being accused of being involved in a variety of illegal activities including obstruction of justice, collusion with foreign powers, and abuse of his power as President. The prosecutors carefully gathered evidence and built a strong case that could not be ignored. Despite the past president’s claim of innocence and attacks on the legal system, the evidence was overwhelming, even for his claims. 

As the case progressed, it became clear that Trump had been caught red-handed. He had used his position of power to further gain the trust of the American people and engage in clearly illegal activities and illegal money transfers. His advisors tried to change the story and downplay his actions. The charges could not be dismissed and a trial was imminent. 

Sophomore Brayden Evans said, “I usually don’t pay attention to politics, but I’ve been paying attention to this because it is such a big controversy with a former president of our country”.

The trial was watched by millions of people around the world, as the fate of the president hung in the balance. After weeks of hearings and testimony the jury decided that President Trump was guilty on all charges.

Freshman Killian Bressler says, “I am not usually interested in politics, however seeing someone so well known and such a part of our country in legal trouble makes me very interested in watching the outcome”.