Preparations for the Spring Band Concert Performance


Mrs. Katelynn Reichard directs the band in their warmups as they get ready to clean-up some songs. “Playing music was my favorite part of the day in middle school and that hasn’t changed now in high school,” Freshman Ava Orlowsky said.

The PAHS Concert Band has two concerts, one held in the winter and one held in the spring. The pieces range from many different genres and difficulty levels. The spring concert song lineup includes: Sweeney Todd, Into the Storm, Santiago Carnival, and many more. 

“I joined the band in 5th grade because I thought it would be cool, and I haven’t stopped playing since,” freshman Cole Hoak said. “I find music calming so being in the band helps with my nervousness. My favorite song is 650 East because in my opinion, it’s the best one,” said Hoak. 

Every year, the band plays a selection of songs from broadway, pop, movie soundtrack, etc. Katelynn Reichard, the director of bands at PAHS, likes to get the band involved. She does a survey to see what the students want to do for each concert. Every graduating year, she has the band play a song that the seniors played when they were in middle school for nostalgia. In 2019, the eighth graders played a piece called Into the Storm, by Robert W. Smith. Now as they’re graduating in 2023, the band is playing it again. 

“I have been in band for all four years of high school. senior Rebecca Goodman said I have made many friends in the band. I am excited for this year’s spring concert. My favorite song we are playing is entitled, Music from The Incredibles,” Goodman said.

The Concert will be held on Thursday, May 4 at 7:30pm in PAHS’s Watcher Auditorium, under the direction of Mrs. Katelynn Reichard. 

“I joined the band because I have been playing the clarinet since I was in fifth grade,” said freshman Jes Siminitus. “While I am a part of band front and not marching band during football season, I still enjoy concert band because I am able to play music with my friends. My favorite for the upcoming concert is Pie in the Face Polka because of its light and upbeat feel,” Siminitus said.