Testing to Wrap up the Year for Students


Mr. Smink is reviewing with his AP Lang. class on what to expect on the AP Language and Composition test. The AP Language and Composition test will consist of material that was taught throughout the class, along with writing prompts for students.

As the weather becomes warmer, students begin spending their time outside, and the end of the year is quickly  approaching. The end of the school year allocates time for state testing, such as Keystones, AP exams, and finals. Some students will prepare for these tests in different ways that can help them study when the time comes around.

AP classes are designed for advanced placement students.  These courses  prepare students for a final exam at the end of the year known as the AP Test. 

AP testing starts May 1st and ends May 9th at the PAHS. 7 subjects will be testing during this time. There are 13 AP Courses available for students. The AP Art has a different way of testing students. The test requires students to submit a portfolio and the exam. AP Statistics and World History are the only two courses that demand two days of testing.

“I am taking the AP Statistics and AP Chemistry exams,” junior Faith Toothacker said. “I have started reviewing materials that we learned at the beginning of the year so it is fresher in my mind. I have also done a lot of practice problems from previous tests to see how the questions are worded and what type of explanation they give.”

“I took the AP Biology and AP U.S. History exams last year,” said senior, Maddy Wright. “I worked all year long to make myself many termed quizlets. When it came closer to the exam I studied them. I was also given practice tests from my teachers and packets that told me what to focus on the most out of all the topics we discussed.”

“I am taking the AP U.S. History and AP biology exams this year,” junior Mim Albertini said. “I have been preparing by making sure to pay attention in class and I’ve also started to review material that we covered at the start of the year so I don’t forget it for when I take the test”

The Keystones are a standardized test given to Pennsylvania public school students. The tests were administered to replace the PSSA for the junior class. 

This year, Keystones will start on the last week of school for the senior class. May 15th and 16th will be literature testing. May 17 and 18 will be Keystone Algebra. The Biology Keystones will be the last subject starting on the 19th and will end that Monday. 

“I am taking the English and Biology keystones this year,” said junior Emma Eckley. “To prepare myself for the testing, I will be looking through old worksheets and I will watch informational videos.”