Gun Violence at School


Signs were installed outside of each room for safety. In the case of any emergency or drill these room numbers allow you to see where each class room is located.

Safety at school is the number one priority for both students and staff. There are a lot of worst-case scenarios that could happen at any given school, which is why it’s important for students to feel safe. To further help students, the teachers and staff complete a training called A.L.I.C.E.(Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate). This is a special training that has to do with the prevention of school shootings. According to EducationWeek, there are on average, 300,000 children have experienced gun violence at school. Although there are different scenarios that could make a student feel unsafe, like weather conditions or an intruder, gun violence seems to occur the most.

“Personally, I feel that the precautions taken for our safety at school are vital,” said freshman Billy Davis. I feel the current safety course has produced a safe environment for me and other students. The environment that the safety precautions have provided is comfortable,” said Davis.

WSMV4 says that in America, there is on average, one school shooting a day. Just two weeks ago, there was another school shooting. The signs were installed for this reason. It was in Nashville at an elementary school and there were six victims. Every time something like this happens, it makes everyone so tense. Especially students. Students just want to have a safe space in school, but that can be hard when gun violence is heavily perpetuated in social media.

“I usually feel safe at school and the fact that the school does everything in its power to make us feel safe and protect us, makes me feel more at peace.” said sophomore, Connor McGowan.

Pottsville Area High School’s staff tries to do everything they can to make all students feel safe, along with other schools in the country. PAHS has all their teachers enrolled in A.L.I.C.E. training, and students get a presentation every year. The presentation gives students information about what to do in the case of an active shooter drill. It tells about what A.L.I.C.E stands for and a short video to further explain. During an active shooter drill, ALICE teaches you how to evacuate safely and properly. School shootings can be very traumatic and anxiety provoking, which is why everyone does their part in trying to make school a better environment for everyone.

The conversation of gun violence never gets easier, but it’s essential to talk about it so students can learn exactly what to do in the case of an active shooter. The March For Our Lives campaign helps students who have experienced gun violence and shares resources on what you can do to help the fight against gun violence and gun reform laws.