How Does PAHS Celebrate Easter?


Courtesy or Nathan Kurtz

The Easter Bunny waves to the students at John S. Clarke. The students lined up to receive candy, and did various other activities. Volunteers from Pottsville Area High School helped with the festivities.

As the seasons are changing into Spring, students have their last early dismissal until May 26, 2023. Easter day this year will be Sunday, April 9, and students will be dismissed for their half day on April 6th and the return date is the 11th. Students at Pottsville Area High School have different traditions when it comes to how they celebrate their Easter day. 

Kyler Bowers celebrates Easter by going to both of her grandparents houses’ and eating with all of her family. “I help my nans put together Easter Egg hunts for my young cousins,” senior Bowers said.

Easter eggs are a typical staple of Easter. There are many different theories on how Easter egg hunting started but the tradition started in Germany. While Early Christians saw the egg as a representative of resurrection and the empty shell would be a metaphor for Jesus’s tomb. In Pagan cultures the eggs were a symbol of rebirth and fertility.

Nick Chivinski and his family eat Easter dinner and spend family time together at his grandparents house.“Sometimes we get competitive and play a family basketball game,” Chivinski said. He likes the holiday because Easter is a very relaxing time.

There will be another PBIS raffle for the upcoming holiday. There will be 10 students walking away with a prize. Stop down to the main office to participate and maybe win. If your crimson ticket is chosen, you can pick an egg with an unknown amount of money. The last day you can participate will be by none on April 5.

To celebrate Easter each year, Mrs. Tiffany Hummel attends church with her family. “I still make Easter baskets for my children even though they are 16 and 20,” said Mrs. Hummel. She prepares a traditional Easter dinner with ham and all of the side dishes. “One of my favorite parts of the holiday are Easter flowers, especially hyacinths,” said Hummel.

Alaina Bauers visits both her family’s sides on Easter day. Bauers and her family start their day going to her dad’s side to have lunch. After that Bauers celebrate the holiday once more now on her mom’s side. “We go to my mom’s side for dinner and to open gifts with her,” junior Alaina Bauers said.

Senior Amaree Brainbridge will be attending his accepted visit at Penn State University. He and his family will be staying overnight at a hotel in State College. “I will wake up and go through my Easter basket. This year is a little different but I am just happy I will be spending it with my family,” Bainbridge said. He will later travel to his house for Easter dinner.