Pottsville technology students jump back into the new semester


Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Hummel

Mrs. Ashman pictured with Camryn Carol and Tori Kunsteck at an STC function.

Now that a new semester has begun, some students are returning and some students are leaving. STC is a technical school for grades 10th through 12th grade. It is available for students all across the county. There are two types of cycle students. The A cycle students attend STC during the first semester and the B cycle students attend STC during the second semester. There are two campuses, there is a North Student Technology and a South Student Technology. 

“I went to the north campus for diesel technology. I definitely would recommend it for others because it’s a great way to get out of school and make good money,” said sophomore Dustin Bouchard. 

Two of the various programs offered at STC are cosmetology or health care. So instead of waiting until college to start taking classes for that career, you can take them right now and at STC. From a small selection of classes you take at STC, some colleges will actually take the credit you get from a class, and put it on your transcript once you get into college but it isn’t available for every college. 

“I went to the north campus in Frackville. I went for diesel technology and at first I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go. But, after my first year I would highly recommend going,” said sophomore, Sabastian Hay

Almost everyone that comes from STC always has a lot to say about how positive all of their experiences are and how they can’t wait to go back. 

“I loved being around people from all schools and meeting amazing new people. I went to the north campus for health careers. They have such great learning experiences and opportunities here, especially for those who want to work right out of high school,” said junior, McKayla Tobin.