Leslie Jordan (1955-2022) dies at age 67

Comedian, musician, and actor. Best known from the TV shows “American Horror Story” and “Will & Grace”, actor Leslie Jordan has passed away. In the morning of October 24, around 9:30, Jordan was driving his car when he collided into the side of a building at Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street. At the age of 67, Jordan passed away at the scene of the crash.“It’s devastating that he passed this early,” said senior Brody Boris. “He’s iconic and definitely has made a mark in the world”.

Jordan made his break out in 1989 with the TV show “Murphy Brown”. He starred in other TV shows such as “Bodies of Evidence” and “Hearts Afire”. One of his best-known roles was playing Beverley Leslie in the sitcom “Will & Grace,”. Most recently, Jordan starred in another sitcom “Call Me Kat.”

During the pandemic, Jordan started to post videos on his Instagram for his followers to have some entertainment in these challenging times. He would include celebrities in his videos and told sassy stories in a southern accent. Jordan also talked about his time in the pandemic and would react to new music.

On Jordan’s Instagram he also spread awareness for gay rights and racism. He reminded people what it was like growing up gay with a father in the military that did not support him. In January of 2020, Jordan gave his Instagram to a former Cabinet member of the Obama administration, Deesha Dyer. Dyer informed his followers of the racist events happening in the world to try and inform his followers and more.

“One day during quarantine I discovered a comedian talking on Instagram about his struggles. I started watching him a lot and enjoyed his humor,” said junior Ava Bowers.

Fans of Jordan celebrated him for being an LGBTQ+ icon on and o the screen. Drag Queens and others reached out to express condolences to one of their idols. On-screen, Jordan played “Brother Boy”, who was a part of the LGBTQ+ community , in the 2000 film “Sordid Lives”.

Before the entertainer passed away, Jordan was fascinated by country music. He made records with icons Dolly Parton, Chris Stapleton and others. Leslie then made the records into an album of country gospel. He was inspired by his childhood and going to church all the time. His 2021 Album is called “Company Comin’”. Jordan’s career change had come from his time making videos during the pandemic.