How Trunk or Treat affects us


On Monday, October 24th trunk or treat was held at DHHL’s cafeteria parking lot. Mr. Portland is dressed up as a shark and preparing to give out candy to students and other kids.

Trunk or Treat is a great time to spend with others. Trunk or Treat is an event where high school and middle school clubs along with sports teams give candy out to middle and elementary school students. Each club and sport team has a theme that they all participate in when they are giving out the candy. For example, the Cross County team did a theme of camping. Trunk or Treat was on Monday, October 24 from 6pm to 7:30pm in the back of the DHH Lengel Middle School/ Academic Center parking lot. Every year around this time this great event happens.

Trunk or Treat each year proves to be a really good time to spend with your school clubs and family. A lot of people think it is a good thing; for example, Nathan Chivinski says, “ It is a great time to give candy to younger kids and spend time with other people.” A lot of kids dress up and get candy; meanwhile it is a great time for the older kids to be giving stuff to the future high school students of PAHS. It is also a good thing because it may let the younger kids think the high school isn’t a scary place, like some may think it is. Trunk or Treat may show them that they can join clubs or teams and know people and make them feel more comfortable about growing up and coming to high school.

In previous years clubs had different themes and decorated different things each year. For example, cross country did a USA theme last year and this year they are doing a camping theme. They change it every year because it keeps it interesting and the people coming. Every club does this and they switch it up every year to keep people coming to Trunk or Treat. A lot of people enjoy doing it, especially the people receiving candy.