Meet Mrs. Angelo


Courtesy of Maddy Wright

Mrs. Angelo smiles as she patiently looks forward to her first year as a DHH Lengel Middle School school counselor. Mrs. Angelo decorated her room to better welcome the students. “Counseling sessions do not have to revolve entirely around seriousness. When needed, laughter is the best medicine”, said Mrs. Angelo.

DHH Lengel Middle School welcomed many new facility members this school year. Meet the new DHH Lengel school counselor, better known as Mrs. Miranda Angelo. She can be seen in the Pottsville Area High School hallways while interning with Mrs. Mary Beth Conville and Mrs. Cindy Stasulli. From Mrs. Angelo’s experience at Pottsville High School, she said, “My internship at the high school was so welcoming. Everyone was so lovely and helpful in my learning journey. I wanted to stay in the district, and DHH Lengel provided me with that opportunity!”

Earlier this year, Mrs. Angelo was interning under Mrs. Conville and Mrs. Stasulli. Conville said, “Her internship went extremely well and led her to being offered a full time position with our district.”  Mrs. Angelo was not the only person to learn something, Mrs Conville said, “I learned that Mrs. Angelo has great counseling skills, she is extremely creative, and she has a wealth of experience that will certainly help our students and community.”

Mrs. Angelo graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation and Human Services. She then worked at a truancy reduction program for two years. Mrs. Angelo says, “I wanted to do more, so I went back to school for my master’s degree at Kutztown University to gain my master’s degree in School Counseling, as well as going an extra year to earn my counseling license for mental health clinic work after school.”

Mrs. Angelo shares her position as a full time school counselor with Ms. Allison Parker. Both have other responsibilities as teaching Career Readiness and S.O.A.R for 7th grade students.“S.O.A.R is a class that focuses on developing skills needed to be successful in learning. Career Readiness is a class that helps students meet the state standards and prepare them for their future.” Angelo said.

If you are in DHH Lengel middle school you can visit Mrs. Angelo in room 2. Mrs. Angelo says, “ I love having my own office to see students in. I love being able to decorate it how I want and make it as welcoming as I can for students!”

Angelo loves to paint, play with her two puppies, and watch racing during her downtime. She recently hiked a desert and two national parks in Moab, Utah. She also likes to go snowboarding and being outdoors in general. Mrs. Angelo said she is focusing on her independence this year, “I like to ask a lot of questions. However, I am learning to trust my gut, knowledge, and skillset that I am doing the right thing.