Students enjoy the scenery at Christmas Village


Guests from all over stood in line to get into Koziar’s Christmas Village. Koziar’s hours are 6pm – 9pm Mondays through Friday, and 4:30pm – 10:00pm on Saturdays and 4:30pm – 9pm on Sundays. “My favorite decor of the night had to be the window display of all the different subjects they had done. It was quite frigid but, I was dressed ready for the occasion,” said junior Brody Boris.

A truly exciting way to celebrate Christmas time is traveling to Koziar’s Christmas Village to see a show of lights. This family tradition has half of a million lights scattered around the property. This display started as a simple dairy farm that was heavily decked out for the holidays and now more specifically, the Koziar’s Christmas Village.

This stunning place has become a tradition for the Koziar family. Koziar’s Christmas Village is celebrating its 74th anniversary. Christmas village has won numerous awards including the Best Outdoor Christmas Display in the World and Sonia Koziar has been featured on the Today Show. 

William M. Koziar started to decorate his property in 1948 for his family. Ever since then the tradition has grown to a popular attraction for people all over the experience. “My family and I traveled down to see all the different colors and the whole display. I was very shocked to see how long the line is as well,” said junior Catori Mike.

For other students, they toured the land with their significant other to spend the night in Bernville. 

“My boyfriend and I went together. The lights were amazing and it definitely put me in the Christmas spirit!” said senior Faith Eckley

Koziar’s pricing is 3 and under are free, 4 to 10 are $10.00, 11 to 64 are $12.00, and seniors that are 65 and older are $11.00. Prime Night pricing is an additional $5.00 per ticket.

Koziar’s Christmas show is located at 782 Christmas Village Rd, Bernville, PA 1950. For more information visit the website at Also, visit the website in advance of attending in case of any changes or emergencies.