Celebrating Walt Disney’s 50th Anniversary



Guess’ stand around to watch the cast members perform their opening ceremony for the 50th anniversary. The castle is decorated with gold jewels to bring a little sparkle to your day. “Disney World is a magical place and is filled with great memories for me when I went there with the high school band. The theme park has many attractions and something for everyone, for me I enjoyed marching down Main Street USA”, said junior, Alex Maley.

The magic is in the air with excitement for the 50th anniversary of the world renowned park. Disney World is a family-friendly amusement park filled with attractions and more located in Florida. October 1st, 2021, was the 50th anniversary release day for all visiting the park for the milestone. Walt Disney created Disney World for educational purposes, as well as the value of the amusement for all age groups. After seven years of planning, Disney World welcomed guests on October 1st, 1971. Around 10,000 people came to celebrate its opening.

Disney executives decided it was time to spice things up right before the fall with some 50th celebration decorations. Around the park, there are new statues and anniversary signs. Mickey, Minnie, and other friends have new custom outfits for the transformation. The main attraction, Cinderella’s Castle, has gold decorations with a large “50” in the middle. Since the recent hit with covid cases in the summer, Disney World is requiring all who enter to follow indoor mask restrictions as well as social distancing guidelines.

Disney World is a magical place for all ages to experience. It includes many resorts and rides for all to experience. Many different cast members walk around the park waiting to meet you.
“I am excited to go back to disney for the 50th anniversary. I will be leaving december 5 and going during christmas. I am super excited to see all of the beautiful Christmas theme decorations and activities. I will be nervous about missing school but I couldn’t be happier to be on the “happiest place on earth”, said junior, Livia Hable.

“ I went to Disney World with my family when I was younger. There was once an incident with my family where we almost drowned because my sister was pulling me down. She was small so she had to grab onto something. Luckily a man came over and helped us get out of the water”, said junior, Emily Lascala