AID hosts Roses for Seniors


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Roses are a symbol of many things, especially when you are caring for someone. In this case students were able to purchase roses to show they care for their upperclassman while they leave PAHS. “I have so many senior friends, therefore I’m going to miss a lot of them next year. I think it will be weird walking the hallway next year and not seeing them”, said sophomore Kenzie Androshick.

As seniors finish their last year of High School at PAHS, they are beginning to think about their future endeavours. Many will be attending college, going into the workforce, military, etc. As a way to congratulate them, AID is holding an event called Roses for Seniors. Underclassmen and other seniors can buy roses for each other with a little message attached to them.

AID member Zowie Zokuskie said, “The entire school year was rough for everyone so it’s nice that we are able to end the year by giving the roses out to seniors. It feels like we’re getting closer to normalcy.”

“AID is selling roses for seniors as a fundraiser. However not only that, it’s meant to make this unpredictable year a bit more normal and special for those seniors,” said sophomore Maddy Wright, also a member of AID.

Roses for seniors will be delivered to senior homerooms on Monday, June 7th before their farewell assembly. Seniors who are virtual must pick their roses up between 2:45-3:30pm in the high school cafeteria on June 7th.

If you would like to order a rose for a senior, go to the main office and you can pick up a form. You can then return it to Ms. Coleman in room 203 or to the main office and put it in her mailbox. The deadline is Friday, May 28th.