Prom 2021 was one to remember


Photo courtesy of Jadyn Wagner

Junior Jadyn Wagner and senior Bobby Walchak enjoy their day at the promenade. On Saturday, May 1st, seniors and their dates danced the night away at St. Nicholas Hall. “Prom was sincerely a great memory that I wI’ll never forget.”

Prom is always a memorable time for students, especially graduating seniors. On May 1, 2021 senior students at PAHS got to experience a night under the spotlights and on the dance floor one last time. May 1st was a special day all over Schuylkill county because of the many proms going on.

“My favorite memory from prom was definitely before prom hanging out with all of my friends and some of my family, and getting pictures, then going to promenade and seeing everyone I know there and being introduced was definitely fun too. At prom it is definitely going to have to be winning prom king, at first I honestly didn’t want to win it, but after I did win it, it just made the night so much better,”said senior Dylan Bohorad.

Prom is the perfect time to get dressed up and look the best you can. Since COVID-19 has stopped all gatherings, getting out and seeing all your friends before graduation is a great way to end your year.

“I think it’s great that the school made this happen for our last prom ever. Even with COVID restrictions it was still so much fun. We are very lucky since the seniors last year didn’t get to experience their prom. It was nice to get out and see everyone in the senior class altogether again,” said Senior Payton Kleckner.

From the dancing to the pictures, prom night is always memorable in your own way.

“I got pictures at Pat Yoder’s house. It was gorgeous outside so the pictures came out amazing. Everyone was dancing and singing together; the vibe was just great. Dancing with my friends and just being in the moment was the best memory of the night,” said junior Jadyn Wagner.