Making the transition back to in-person


Photo by Destiny Angel

Sophomore Amaree Bainbridge is seen back in the high school. Amaree has been a virtual student before making the transition to come back to in person classes. He said, “I felt like I wasn’t learning as much at home so I came back to learn as much as possible.”

Students have had the option to participate in hybrid learning or do their studies and schoolwork completely virtual. The COVID-19 way of learning was in place from the beginning of the year up until the end of February as the administration has been discussing being able to have all students go back to fully in- person. 

Beginning on March 1, 2021, Pottsville allowed all students to return to school for a typical five day week. With this being said, hybrid learning was no longer an option for students. 

With the decision made that students were able to come back to school fully, many students who were virtual came back to in-person classes. 

Senior Daniel Albertini said,“I decided to go back because I wanted to have a semi-normal end to my senior year. I am happy that I came back because I couldn’t imagine finishing my senior year not in the actual school with my friends.”

Learning at home definitely has many benefits as well as downsides. Not being able to keep up with the work was definitely a challenge for students as well as hardly learning anything from home amidst all the distractions.

“I felt like I wasn’t learning too much so I came back to learn as much as possible before school ends,” said sophomore Amaree Bainbridge.

School is a place where you are able to socialize with your friends and see them a lot throughout the day. Many students missed that feeling and influenced their decision on making the switch.

Senior Alex Chattin said, “I decided to switch from being virtual to going back in person because I missed my friends. I didn’t really like sitting in my room doing schoolwork everyday. Going back to school was a very good decision.”