Drama club prepares for Cinderella


Photo by Brock Regnier

The drama club is warming up with physical and vocal workouts before rehearsals. Alyssa Sherrif and Annabelle Chaklos stretch before rehearsal on Monday, March 22. Alyssa says, “I am very happy to participate in this musical. Drama club has always been something that I look forward to on a daily basis!”

Pottsville Area School District’s drama club is getting ready to perform their show, Cinderella, this year. Since last year’s show got cancelled,  the drama club is hoping to make this year’s show a success. Cinderella is a classic that everyone knows of in one way or another. The past few months have been an interesting turn of events for members of the drama club, thanks to the show being in April for one. Another is performing the show virtually due to the guidelines of CDC. 

Even with the changes in effect, people are still happy they get to perform. Junior Alyssa Sheriff exclaims, “I am extremely excited for the production of Cinderella to come in April. My favorite Disney princess growing up was Cinderella, so I am very happy to participate in this musical. Drama club has always been something that I look forward to on a daily basis!”

Even the lead is feeling excited. Senior Julia Malek, who will be playing Cinderella,  comments on the show.

She says, “I’m really proud to be the lead this year. It’s been one of my dreams since childhood to perform on stage, and this show is perfect for my senior year. The thought of the show being in only a month is a little nerve racking, but I’m so excited.”

Not only are the actors thrilled to perform but so is the stage crew. They are looking forward to helping behind the scenes to make this show a great one. 

Junior Yseult Barbedette said, “I’m super excited to be with the stage crew again this year. I’m still involved in costuming and this year I’m learning how to operate the light board. It’s weird to think that the show is already in a month. I’m excited for it to happen although I’m interested to see how it goes with COVID and how that will change things from what normally happens.”

Only time will tell, if everyone’s excitement will lead to disappointment or not.