Schuylkill Social Video Club recruiting new members


Courtesy of Tanya Johnson

Social Video Club had a meeting last Wednesday at Crimson House. They talked about how much their hourly rate should be, club officers, and the recruitment of new members. “I really think that this is something Schuylkill County has been long overdue with, this country is full of diversity and this is a great way to show it,” said sophomore Haven Jacob Guistes.

Throughout Schuylkill County there are students from various school districts who have an interest in filming and editing videos. Because of this, the Schuylkill Social Video Club (SVC) was created. 

Social Video Club is nothing like any of the clubs in Schuylkill County. It was founded by David Russek, CEO of the app 10Tales. 10Tales is an app where you can make short films, music videos, movies, and share them for other people to see and interact with.

The club members will be working with cameras, being on camera, and coming up with fresh new ideas. An upcoming project the club is working on is interviewing American veterans, but they are also looking to create more lighthearted videos. 

Being a part of the club requires minimal video experience, members just have to be willing to learn and adapt quickly. 

“As an introvert, I have trouble talking to people. However, joining the social video club has allowed me to come out of my shell doing things I never thought I would with people who support me on my way,” said Nativity junior Haley Rymarkiewicz.

Unlike other clubs, the projects the club members work on are paid and everyone will make some money off what they do.

Social Video Club meets every other Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Crimson House in Pottsville, but that will change later on in April.

“I have always loved film and video, and a club like this would provide amazing opportunities to both me and the community. I’m excited to learn more about this craft and get practical experience,” said senior Julia Malek.

Anyone interested in joining can email [email protected].