Stopping the spread of COVID-19


Former resident of Pottsville and alumni, Scott Thomas revives his COVID-19 vaccine at his local hospital. Hospitals are allowing pre-scheduling of it so as many people can stop the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 hasn’t been the easiest thing to adapt to as a society, but after almost a year a vaccine has finally been released to the public. Currently, only healthcare workers, people of advanced age or people with underlying health issues can receive the vaccine. The vaccines that are currently available are Pfizer and Moderna. 

“When I am capable of getting the covid vaccine I plan on getting it. Covid has affected us all for almost a year now, and it needs to end. By taking the vaccine we can go back to some sort of normality like having our fun events and seeing our friends and family,” said sophomore Zowie Zokuskie.

In Schuylkill County there has been a slightly higher vaccination rate. The current number is just above 20,000(Pfizer and Modena). If this vaccination rate stays constant then there is a possibility that we can return to a “normal” life near summer. 

“I think I would get the vaccine when I have the option to because so far it’s effective. If most people receive it then we all could do normal things again and get rid of our masks” said Fresham Emma Seiger. 

The newest recommendations from the CDC are to wear two masks since they can show little to no transmission rates of COVID-19. Remain 6 feet apart from people, avoid crowded areas and if you aren’t feeling well or are showing signs of COVID-19 then get a test and wait for your results which will have proper care instructions.