Students inducted into National Honor Society


Pictured above, Senior Christian Honicker does his school work. Christian Honicker was also apart of National Honor Society for his junior year of high school. He says, “National Honor Society was something I strived for in high school, so id say I’m happy to be a part of it.”

The National Honor Society is an exclusive club of Pottsville Area High School. Everybody heard of them but who is a part of this club, how exactly are they a part of this club and why are they known all around school?

The National Honor Society is the top 10% of Seniors academically and 5% of Juniors academically. Why would someone do this. For some, it’s to look good on college applications. For others such as Paige Mervine, they did it to prove a point to herself. 

Senior Paige Mervine said, “I was told I was very smart growing up, and I guess getting into National Honor Society was me trying to prove that to myself as well. 

Then, there are those like Junior Ayva Strauss, who were interested in the ceremony and wanted to become a part of it.

Strauss said  “I’ve wanted to be in the National Honor Society since my freshman year when I watched the ceremony for the first time.” 

As for why they are known all around the school, that’s all thanks to the members. The members, themselves are good people, who do a lot around the school, such as sports, clubs and other extracurriculars. 

Of course, having to be in the top percentage of grades and doing all these different activities alongside academic prowess, life might prove to be difficult. For some members will admit, it’s pretty stressful, however some have good time management and are able to make it work.

Senior Allison Campion says, “I would say it’s pretty hard balancing my personal life and my school work. After school, I’m busy doing things for clubs and then I have work and dance, so I only have time for school at night. Luckily though dance has taught me good time management.”

Another with the same mindset is Senior Olivia Markus. She stated, “Maintaining consistently high grades is definitely a challenge but something that a majority of people can do as long as they put their mind to it.”

With that all being said, how do the members themselves feel being a part of the National Honor Society? The consensus gathered was that it’s pretty rewarding. Whether the reason be they work hard and then get acknowledged for it, such as Junior Kaylee Becker.

Becker says, “it’s honestly pretty rewarding. I work really hard in school and it’s nice to be recognized for it.”

Other Members like to inspire those around them such as Senior Payton Kleckner, who says, “being a part of the National Honor Society is very rewarding. We get looked up to by our peers, making it important to promote positivity and responsibility within our school.”