Spotted lanternflies invade Pottsville


Photo by Genesis Harrison

Spotted lanternflies are seen roaming around on the grass. Along with trees, these flies also kill crops. “They are a terribly invasive species, and they ruin our crops, it’s crazy, but also kind of hilarious that Pennsylvanians have collectively declared open season on them,” said senior Lily McDonald.

Spotted Lanternflies originally came from and are native to Southern China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. These bugs are known for invading and killing trees.

Recently, they have infested Pottsville and students are not happy about it. 

“The spotted lantern flies are literal demons. There are so many of them and they even make dogs sick. They need to go back to wherever they came from,” said sophomore Nick Giuffre.

“Every time we’re at the practice field and me and the football boys see them, we just make them wish they weren’t alive,” said junior Jason Fermaintt.

Although Spotted Lanternflies have two wings, they usually jump instead of flying. They cannot harm humans, but by invading trees they’re harming us too. 

“I dislike the fact that they’re here and invading trees. As beautiful as they are, they just don’t belong in Pennsylvania,” said Mr. Portland. 

Most people have been getting rid of the pesky bugs by stepping or stomping on them.