Mac Miller’s New Album Has Listeners Going in Circles


Courtesy of Ian Netter, Creative Commons

Mac Miller’s new album has been a sensation across the world. He passed on September 7, 2018, but left a musical legacy behind that will be remembered forever.

Midnight on January 17, millions of fans awaited the release of Mac Miller’s album Circles, posthumously released by Warner Records with the consent of Miller’s family. The record consists of twelve tracks, racking up a run time of forty eight minutes and forty four seconds.

The track titled “Surf” was a fan favorite. Its synth elements and melancholy lyrics provide a harsh contrast that requires a more intellectual ear. Oddly enough, the track features several different styles, including a quick, upbeat rap, and melodic, deep vocals.

“It’s a nice change of pace; it’s not like any of his other albums. You could almost feel his emotions through the record. Personally, I thought it was just sad to listen to. It was recorded before he died, and I’m sure while he was recording it, he had no clue that he wouldn’t be able to see it put out to the world,” said sophomore Quinn Bosack.

The album was a universal hit to Mac’s fans; he experimented with different styles and touched on a variety of hard hitting topics and personal issues. Circles was fans final goodbye and provides closure to fans around the world.