“Bawl and Brawl” at Martz Hall Benefits Leiby


Photo by Brock Regnier

On Sunday evening, freshman Dalton Monger attempts to pin teammate, junior Sammy Sterns. The proceeds from the event benefited the family of Jaden Leiby in paying for his medical bills. Teammate sophomore Bryce Shappell, who also wrestled that night, said, “It felt good to wrestle for a great cause.”

Sunday evening, the community rallied together in support of the injured North Schuylkill quarterback, Jaden Leiby, for a “Ball and Brawl” at Martz Hall. Members of the wrestling team, as well as both boys and girls basketball teams, scrimmaged one another in quick, half hour increments.

The proceeds made from tee shirt and ticket sales bought by the nearly 150 attendees all benefited Leiby’s family in paying for his medical bills. Those 150 spectators were treated to a showcase put on by Pottsville’s basketball and wrestling teams. Not only was this beneficial for Leiby and his family, it provided some extra practice for the players.

Freshman basketball player, Alex Blum said, “Scrimmaging each other made us realize we can laugh and enjoy the game even though we are competing. We can realize our mistakes and correct them.” The wrestlers had a fun night as well. Sophomore Bryce Shappell said, “It was fun wrestling my friends. It felt good to wrestle for a good cause.”

The “Ball and Brawl” was a prime example of the Pottsville community coming together for a good cause. Leiby, who fractured the C6 and C7 in his neck, in a football game on October 25, had to undergo several surgeries, costing his family outrageous amounts of money. In addition to the “Prayers for Six” tee shirts and “#JADENSTRONG” wristbands that were being sold for the past few weeks, proceeds from tickets and tee shirts being sold will all be donated to Leiby and his family.