Give It a Twirl


Allie Murton, Co-Captain of the majorette squad twirls her baton at the Pottsville vs Tamaqua game. “ It has been a stressful year but I enjoy being able to decide which uniform we should wear and what I want to do routine wise. I’ll miss being with my girls and messing around during the games and having fun with everyone.”

Throw, Twirl, Catch – PAHS Majorettes! Fans who attend the PAHS Football games on a Friday night see these girls performing with the band in their “peppermint” uniforms. Majorettes have been performing in Pottsville since the 1950’s and the swirl has been a tradition since that time. 

     Many of the majorettes on the current squad have been involved in this activity most of their lives and consider it a passion, with lots of hard work, and challenges.   

   Morgan Rich, captain of the majorette squad said, “I have been doing majorettes since I was in first grade. I think the most challenging part is how hard you work yourself and how much pressure you put on yourself to be perfect. In reality, no one is going to be perfect, and it is hard to come to the realization that you are never going to reach your own level of perfection.” 

    Out of the three uniforms the majorettes are given, they are mostly known for the swirl. It is a peppermint-looking uniform, and attracts everybody’s eyes to the sparkling attire. 

     Co-Captain majorette, Allie Murton said, “ The swirl is probably my favorite because it’s such a trademark to the squad and reminds me of Patty because she loved it as well.” A longtime coach and supporter of the majorettes, Patty Ebling passed away unexpectedly in 2017.

   Being honored as captain or co-captain is a big responsibility, but has a special meaning in their hearts. 

     Co-Captain, Jordyn Derbes said, “I think being able to lead the squad is an incredible experience. I love for the girls to be able to come to me for help and be able to make my last season amazing for not only myself, but also for the underclassmen. I will miss the experience of every football game and how enjoyable it was consistently. Majorettes has always been a part of my life, and I will always be grateful for the memories I’ve made during my time on the squad.” 

     Deneice Krater has been coaching the majorette squad for 19 years. 

          Krater said, “ What I love most is seeing the girls perform together at the first show each year because it is exciting, nerve racking, and stomach jittering. The girls want to make it perfect, making sure all the routines fit and all the practices from the first moment were worth it; the thrill of seeing them comes alive as one unit to show what we accomplished and be proud of it. Besides the applause and well wishes, each girl knows in her heart how much work it took to have this first moment to shine together and be proud to be a majorette. I was over the moon proud to be their coach.”