Time to get Involved!


Stage Band is performing at their spring concert. They provided music for the community to enjoy. Senior Olivia Tokonitz said,”I love entertaining people with different styles of music.”

It’s 7:54. Assembly bell schedule. All of a sudden most of the other students in homeroom have disappeared. Where did they go? Club meetings of course!

Many of the interesting and diverse clubs at PAHS meet during homeroom periods. Pottsville offers over 20 clubs to join and participate in, and many students enjoy the clubs they are involved in. 

The Key Club is one of the oldest clubs that gives back to the community and helps out with community projects. Mr. Nathan Halenar, adviser, is always looking for new members to join and make an impact on the community. 

According to Senior Jude Brennan, Key Club member,“Key Club is a community service club that focuses on bettering the community around us. We help out with a number of events like the Easter Egg Hunt, Trunk or Treat, Read Across America Day, Mini-Thon, and more. We also volunteer at the local soup kitchen throughout the year, and do bell ringing for the Salvation Army,” Brennan said.

PAHS also has a sorority called Alpha Iota Delta(AID). Sophomore Faith Eckley is a member of AID, and she enjoys the community service club. “I joined to help others and to become involved in the community and the school. We do lots of projects that help benefit the community, such as collecting food baskets and helping at the SPCA,” Eckely said.

If you enjoy listening or playing music, Pottsville Area High School Stage Band is a club that you might enjoy. Senior Olivia Tokonitz plays trumpet in the Stage Band. “Stage Band is a jazz band that consists of mainly trumpets, saxophones, trombones, piano, and bass guitar. Other instruments can be added such as string instruments like bass and cello, but they’re not needed. I originally joined Stage Band as a piano player, but switched to trumpet because I played that more often and I like playing an instrument with other people and not by myself. I joined Stage Band because I thought it would be fun and I love entertaining people with different styles of music,” Tokonitz said.

Students who are looking to get involved in the community or the school should consider joining one of the 28 clubs that the school has to offer. No matter what grade you are in, the clubs at Pottsville are looking forward to new members to help make a positive impact in the community and school.