Photo of the Week

Fourth grade students practice for their show in the high school auditorium. The fourth grade class was preparing for their show which will be held Tuesday, May 14 at 7:00 in the high school auditorium.
Photo by Brock Regnier
During the week of February 17, 2020, members of the Engineering Club met with representatives from the manufacturing company Honeywell. Honeywell produces a range of items from consumer and commercial goods, to engineering service and aerospace systems. The representatives gave the students a look at the Pottsville location, how it functions, and the different careers available to them at Honeywell.
The 2020-2021 school year comes to and end many students are taking advantage of the warmer weather. The sunsets are caused by warmer weather and students have been showcasing it on their social media streams. Sophomore Chloe Heintz said, “I walked outside and the sky was just so pretty, we are at the point in summer when we get to see the beautiful sunsets again”. (Photo by Alex Maley)
Students who are on the Track and Field at PAHS got to participate in leagues which were held at Tamaqua Area High School. Sophomore Liv Hable said, “I was so nervous going into that relay race because we were seated 4th, so that meant we had a shot at medaling. And we ended up getting second place! needless to say i’m very proud of all the girls on this team”. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Lombel)
Sophomores Zoe Holden, Gwen Biddle, and Chloe Heintz stand proud outside of the auditorium steps. All three of them were the winners of the Hugh O’ Brien scholarship. The sophomore class of 2023 had the opportunity to participate and win the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award. “The Hugh O’Brien scholarship is a event taking place in June to better students leadership skills also to get them more community opportunities. Sophomores in high school get to go and represent their school and better their knowledge of what a leader is,” said Zoe Holden.  (Courtesy of PAHS)
The pink super moon shines bright overtop or a tree on Monday night. This phenomenon occurred because of the warming weather and also has to do with blooming season for plants and trees. Sophomore Zowie Zokuskie said, “The pink super moon wasn’t as pink as I thought it would be, however it’s still really cool to see the moon change in color and size”. (Photo by Alex Maley)
Students from PAHS got an opportunity to compete last weekend at World Class Talent Dance Competition, while practicing social distancing and wearing masks. Due to COVID-19 many events were canceled, including  dance competitions. Team member Chloe Heintz said, “Last year we were unable to compete due to the nationwide shutdown, however this year, my dance team and I finally got to get to another competition again. It unfortunately didn’t feel normal though. Only one parent was allowed to watch live, awards were significantly shortened with the bulk of them occurring virtually, and it ran much much faster than in normal years.” (Photo by Chloe Heintz)
The Black Rock Brewing Company is a newly opened small business in downtown Pottsville. The building formally known as the YWCA, is now being used as a recreational facility and a brew house. They have several gardens, where people can eat  while being outdoors. (Photo by Alex Maley )
As the warmer weather approaches, many of the spring flowers are starting to bloom or haves bloomed already much like these daffodils(pictured above). Many also bought flowers for Easter such as Lilly’s which are also very popular during this time of year. (Photo by Alex Maley)
People were very excited and relieved to hear that Girl Scout cookies had been delivered this year. There are many Girl Scouts at Pottsville Area High School so many people had a chance to buy some. Girl Scout member Abbey Garrity said, “There were many orders this year which really surprised me, but I was also glad to sell so many for my troop”. (Photo by Alex Maley)
Since Covid-19 put a stop to many parades on Saint Patrick’s Day, musicians from Schuylkill County decided to play some traditional Irish songs. (Courtesy of Alex Maley)
In Pottsville, snow begins to melt due to the rising temperatures. Many people are embracing it and going outside for walks and getting ready for spring. (Photo by Alex Maley)
Many people were able to capture the scenery from the winter snow storm we got in the first week of February. (Photo by Alex Maley)
Throughout January, Schuylkill county has been experiencing incredible sunsets like this one. The photo was taken on West End Avenue. (Photo by Alex Maley)
The line at Heisler’s Cloverleaf Dairy was filled with people enjoying an ice cream. After months of planning how to operate under these conditions, they successfully found a way. Freshman Grace Huff said, “I couldn’t wait to have an ice cream from there, since it is my favorite place to have desert.”
Photo by Greta Snukis
The pool at Bucknell University stands empty after the cancellation of the 2A swimming and diving events. The events were supposed to occur throughout the weekend. Junior swimmer, Zaidian Van Orden said, “I don’t think it was necessary to postpone states. They should have still had it.”
Photo from Shannon Strickland
PAHS band, band front, and cheerleaders attended Disney from February 25, 2020 to February 29, 2020. They performed in a parade at Magic Kingdom during their time in Florida. “Disney was a fun experience. I bonded with my friends and got closer to them,” said senior Shannon Strickland.


Photo by Destiny Angel                                                In the lane three, senior swimmer Caleb Reedy prepares to start. The Crimson Tide took on the Mahanoy Golden Bears at home. Reedy and team members celebrated their senior night  Tuesday February 4.


Courtesy of Katie Koneschusky
Mr. Benjamin O’Brien poses in the third floor hallway next to the bulletin board science tree holiday display December 20. Students contributed to the creation of the tree by drawing science concept themed holiday ornaments.
Courtesy of Leslie Herring
Fourth grade students practice for their show in the high school auditorium. The fourth grade class was preparing for their show which will be held Tuesday, May 14 at 7:00 in the high school auditorium.
Jamilah Phillip-Johnson
Freshman Taylor Welsh fires a pitch to home plate during a softball game. Preparing to make a play is senior Kaleigh Resnick (5).
Naomi Brode
From left, juniors Jarett McCabe and Brendan Smith compete in a tennis match as a doubles team.
Alexis Yoder
Junior Kaile Conrad competes in the long jump.
Madeline Schuettler
The sky clears over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. AP History, Government and Economics classes toured the building and the Holocaust museum on March 25.
Destiny Angel
Mrs. Donna Skosnick, middle, cuts slices of pie. Mrs. Skosnick’s classes celebrated Pi Day on Thursday, March 14 by doing various math problems and statistical experiments revolving around the dessert.
Leilani Lespiegle
Junior Caitlyn Kline and freshman Alyssa Sheriff pose for a picture outside of the Pub room. The two girls are often confused as the other because they look so similar. “All throughout the year so far, I’ve had teachers and students mention about Alyssa and how they mistake her for me. It lead to both of us meeting and laughing about it at the beginning of the year too. She looks more like me than my actual sister Chloe, who graduated in 2017. I think it’s fascinating, and I’m hoping I get to know her better! She’s an extremely lovely person,” Kline said.
Leilani Lespiegle
Senior Alexa Cesari looks up the court for a teammate to pass the ball to. Cesari scored eight points on senior night against Lehighton. “As soon as I received the pass, I was wide open on the three, so I shot it, and all I could here Coach Ziegmont say was, “she’s going to bury it,” Cesari said. “It felt amazing scoring the three pointer because I usually never score, so to score eight points counting a three was a great way to play my last home game. The best part of senior night was playing my home game with my teammates.”
Leilani Lespiegle
This Monday, students attended a presentation about the Safe2Say program and app on their iPads. The presentation was led by principal Mrs. Tiffany Hummel and vice principal Mr. Richard Boris. “I think it was very informative and the app is a great way to keep PAHS safe,” said senior Regina Edwards about the presentation.
Jamilah Phillip-Johnson
Freshman Cyla Rose, middle, and sophomore Emma Smith, right, pose for a photo after the Schuylkill League diving championship. Rose placed first and Smith placed second. “My first year of diving was a lot better than I expected,” Rose said. “I mad a lot of new friends who are like my diving family. It took up pretty much all of my time, but it was a lot of fun. I didn’t expect to come this far at all let alone my first year.”
Leilani Lespiegle
Senior Lexi Plachko (13) pushes the ball down the court in a game against Panther Valley. The girls got off to a quick start against the panthers because of their ball movement, which is something they worked on in practice. “To start off, we usually do a few drills to get us ready and start at a fast pace,” Plachko said.
Jamilah Phillip-Johnson
Mrs. Mary Beth Conville explains possible course selections to the junior class. The junior, sophomore and freshman classes had scheduling meetings during the month of January. “I originally had planned on taking physiology next year because I plan on going into the medical field, so I figured it would be beneficial. But after many complaints and sorrows shared from my peers about the course, I think I’d rather not. I’ve talked to some people that have already graduated and they say their college physiology course was easier and less stressful than the one we have, so I think I’ll just wait and take it in college rather than stress myself with it next year when I have a million other things going on during senior year,” junior Annika Staller said.
Carmen Dicello
The student section cheers for the boys’ basketball team as they play Blue Mountain. The varsity boys won 63-45. “The student section is always fun to be a part of, especially when we are playing Blue Mountain,” senior Emily Rose said. “Since we are such rivals, everyone just gets so much more hype, and it makes the games more entertaining than they already are.”
Destiny Angel
Senior Lexi Plachko goes up for a layup during a girls basketball practice. The team usually practices after school in Martz Hall or the high school. “To start off, we usually do a few drills to get us ready and to start at a fast pace. After that, we work on offense and go over our plays for review and revision. Then we move on to defense and talk about how we will guard our next opponent,” Plachko said.
Marcayla Lutzkanin
Junior Mason Barnes comes off the screen of junior Kevin Schenk during a varsity basketball against Wilson. The boys lost the game 51-47 however they won their last two games, including a 57-46 win over reigning state champion Abington Heights. “I feel like we are starting to play well together. I think we are going to be hard to beat once we start to play smart,” Barnes said.
Jamiliah Phillip-Johnson
Junior Wesley Evans is practicing the train whistle before the elementary students come to watch the percussion ensemble performance. Since 2012, Mr. Steve Horvath has been taking percussion players down to John S. Clarke Elementary to perform for the third and fourth grade children. “I enjoyed going down to the elementary school to see some of my old teachers and play for the little kids,” Wesley said.
Jamilah Phillip-Johnson
Five students at the Schuylkill Technology Center work at a computer. STC has been allowing students who want to go straight into the workforce an opportunity to gain job experience for years. “I do plumbing and heating at STC. I fell in love with a hammer; her name is Sasha,” senior Joseph Budwash said.
Destiny Angel
Members of the swim team wade in the pool during practice. Last year, the team won the district championship, and they are training hard to do the same this year. “The practices are really hard, but it’s worth it when you get a good time at a meet,” senior Jordan Young said.
Michael Johnson-Ponce
The Terrance O’Reilly building is covered with snow from the winter storm. Just a month ago, citizens from all around Pottsville came to this building to vote in the midterm elections. “I was expecting the much snow, but I was super happy to get a day off,” freshman Tanya Johnson said.
Aidan Moran
Students explore the campus of Columbia University. Publications students attended sessions at the campus in New York City. “The presenters were very enthusiastic and passionate about their topics,” sophomore Emma Smith said.
Jordyn Derbes
Senior Libby Gardner fills a pink balloon to go toward the AID balloon release. The club released the balloons at halftime of the October 12 football game. Over $4,000 was raised by the selling of balloons, t-shirts and bracelets, which will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. “I believe it lets everyone know in the community that they can be a part of something bigger and that you can help make a difference,” Gardner said.
Leilani Lespiegle
Using the projector, Mrs. Tiffany Hummel, high school principal, shows the ALICE acronyms. The students learned the meaning of ALICE, and how to act if there was an active shooter in or near the school. “It’s important for everyone to know how to make an effective and smart decision if we were on an actual lockdown,” sophomore Wade Stoudt said.
Aidan Moran
Wearing American colors, students cheer at the first home football game of the season. The team defeated Wyomissing 21-7. “The student section is so fun because it’s a big get together to go for the same team and support our friends,” senior Pat McCord said.
Aidan Moran
Wells Fargo volunteers paint the PRIDE acronym on a wall inside the John S. Clarke Elementary School. Volunteers redecorated and put in a new playground for the school. “These projects always make such a tremendous impact on the community, and it really helps to fund our partnerships with local organizations,” said Laura Haffner, Wells Fargo Regional President.
With the ball, junior Cora Alvarez works around a Hamburg defender. The Lady Tide varsity soccer team defeated the Hawks 6-0. “The team has been doing a great job working together lately,” Alvarez said. “Hopefully, we can keep it up the rest of the regular season and into playoffs.”
Daphne Saint Juste
Lining up along the net, the Lady Tide Volleyball team shakes hands with Crestwood. The team is currently undefeated in Division One of the Schuylkill League. “Our season started off really well. We have a strong team this year and it showed when we beat Blue Mountain,” senior Jillian Pellish said. “I think if we keep playing the way we are we’re gonna go far.”
Alexis Yoder
Junior Victoria Oswald poses with her bearded dragon, Squid, during an AP Biology experiment to test reactions from animals to different types of stimuli. Stimuli included temperature and location changes. Groups of AP Biology students tested different animals such as geckos, snakes and tarantulas. “Squid usually hates people, but surprisingly, coming to school helped him be more friendly. It was also cool to see his behavior patterns. Sometimes, when we changed his location, he would react by changing colors and his beard,” Oswald said.
Leilani Lespiegle
LAW – During Attorney Rick Day’s presentation, students listen to learn the consequences of drug and alcohol use. The presentation was given September 17. “The presentation was given because the student body is the foundation of the school, and whatever they do affects the school,” senior Milena Dinu said.
Alexis Yoder
LIT – The auditorium lights up with rainbow colors. The theme for the September 7 pep rally was glow-in-the- dark, and students used glow sticks to make the auditorium light up. “It was really fun, and I think a lot of people got more pumped up than usual,” senior Samantha Day said. “It was nice to have something different for a pep rally, and I would definitely recommend having another next year.”
Jamilah Phillip-Johnson
EXIT – Senior Bernie Guzick holds the exit sign to direct students on picture day. Picture day was held Wednesday, August 29 in the boys gym. “Down the hall, and to the left,” Guzick said.
May 3, I went to the Pottsville Courthouse to celebrate National Day of Prayer with other members of the Aletheia Club. With me were sophomore Thomas Hartshorn, sophomore Preston Hunter and senior Lauren Hunter. While we were there, we joined Christians of all denominations to pray and celebrate unity. “My favorite part of the event was seeing Pottsville come together in public to pray and praise God. This is fitting because the theme was to unite as a nation under God. The event is so important to me because it reminds us that we are not alone in our journey with Christ, but we have many others in Schuylkill County or wherever you may be to walk in Christ with,” Lauren Hunter, Aletheia Club president, said.


Alec Gonzalez
RISE – Freshman Zaidian Van Orden and junior Zachary Turnitza pose for a picture at sunrise after a 6 a.m. practice. The swimmers spent the morning lifting weights, doing body exercises and swimming laps at the Ned Hampford Natatorium. “It’s a pain to get up at 5 a.m. and then swim at 6 a.m., but it’s very beneficial and I’m glad we have them,” Van Orden said.
Allura McCuller
TAKEOFF — While taking a few photos outside, senior Allura McCuller captures a shot of a bird in flight at the D.H.H.L. Middle School. “My passion for photography began when I was younger and first learned how to operate a camera,” McCuller said. “Since then, I have never lost interest in photography and have consistently worked at improving my skills so I could become better at using my camera.” Wildlife is one of McCuller’s favorite subjects to take photos of, as there is so much diversity between each animal and its actions in each photo.
Christina Cook
Clouds gather over Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty in New York City. AP United States History and American History III honors classes, along with select American History III students, visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island April 27. “The trip was really fun,” junior Christina Cook said. “We took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, and from there we went to Ellis Island. After that, we took the ferry back to Manhattan and went to the 9/11 memorial.”
PROMOTE – Promoting the National Cherry Blossom festival, the columns of the National Archives building in Washington, D.C. hold three large banners in place. Members of the publications staff took a trip to the country’s capital to view the Freedom Documents, visit Ford’s Theatre where President Lincoln was assassinated and tour the Newseum. “The one thing I loved most about D.C. more than anything else was the architecture,” senior Alec Gonzalez said. “No matter where you were, you could look to a building and see and feel the soul of the work that was put into it.”
Elizabeth Garraway
SING – Always singing during 5th period, sophomores McKenzie Mozloom, Jessica Quinn and Emily Huff, concert choir members, prepare for the annual Spring Associated Choirs Concert by rehearing song lyrics from Titanic The Musical. The concert will be May 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the PAHS auditorium. “The choir concert rehearsals are fun. I love singing with everyone. The Titanic The Musical medley is my favorite to sing because it is a lot of fun to sing,” Huff said.
Elizabeth Garraway
ACT – Always seen on stage, senior Max Babcock, Drama Club member, prepares for How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying by rehearsing lines in the Drama II class. The Drama Club started rehearsing How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying in the beginning of January. “The Drama Club provides plenty of entertainment for the audience and the actors themselves every year. I am really excited for opening night because I will be portraying the role J. Pierrepont Finch,” Babcock said.
Students involved in the PAHS Publications staff walk around as they have free time after their attendance at the 80th Annual Columbia Student Conference.


Photo by Linda Maley
Christmas brass ensemble gets ready to play during the lightning of the Pottsville Christmas tree.