PAHS Hosts Concert Choir


Photo by Jena Reilly

Members of the PAHS choir sing during their concert on December 12, 2019. They learned challenging songs this year to impress their audience. “I looked forward to making people happy and proudly singing with the choir,” said Junior Christina Huff.

The PAHS concert choir practiced since the 2nd week of school for their Holiday Concert on Thursday December 12. Before 2019, this annual concert opened with the freshman choir, but this year the freshmen have joined the upperclassmen in the concert choir to make it bigger.

A small group of students from the concert choir that learned more challenging songs opened the show. This select group is called the choral.

Before the concert, junior Christina Huff said, “I’ve been in choir since 5th grade. I’m looking forward to making people happy and proudly sing along with the choir.”

Members of the choir prepared for the performance by practicing on stage and learning to stop themselves from locking their knees. When standing under the stage lights, singers often become overheated and pass out.

Freshman Emma Troutman said, “Paying attention to who I know and who cares about me while I’m on stage helps me because I know that if I do pass out, they still care about me and still enjoy watching me sing.”

Luckily, no one passed out during the concert. However, several seniors of the seniors cried because it was their final Christmas performance.

Junior Jamilah Phillip-Johnson said, “My favorite song was ‘Sing me a Winter’, and the hardest song was ‘Thankful’, because it was a senior song.”