Tide-Tek students visit Franklin Institute

On May 11, the Lengel Tide-Tek students took a field trip to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Miller, and Mr. Selinko were chaperones. We took a school bus early in the morning and returned at 5:30 p.m. The trip was really fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. You’d probably expect me to give it a 10/10, but everything was so expensive! For example, a Harry Potter pillow cost NINETY DOLLARS. For that reason, I give the trip a 9/10.

The exhibits we visited were very cool. We visited Your Brain, Electricity, The Franklin Air Show, Amazing Machine, Changing Earth, The Giant Heart, Now/Next, Sir Isaac’s Loft, Space Command, SportsZone, The Train Factory, and Tech Studio. We also were able to visit the special exhibition called Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

My favorite exhibits were Harry Potter and Electricity. Seeing the props and costumes at Harry Potter was amazing. There were also lots of special effects. The club members had so much fun at Electricity. There were tubes of glass, where when you touched them, electricity was absorbed into your finger for 10 seconds or so and you could shock people with your finger. It felt like I was a supervillain. Club members were pretending not to have the electricity in their finger and scaring people, and think was really funny!

If you decide to visit the Franklin Institute, you will have so much fun. Just make sure to bring A LOT of money with you for souvenirs!