Many Lengel students believe dress code should be changed


DRESS DOWN – Pictured are students dressed down during a fall PBIS day. Students still look appropriate and are enjoying their day.

The dress code has been in place since the mid-2000s in the Pottsville Area School District, with some minor changes. For example, during PSSA testing, students were permitted to dress down. Due to COVID-19, the collared shirt requirement was removed and t-shirts were permitted. While that adjustment has been appreciated by the student body, many still believe a more relaxed dress code should be implemented and believe the current dress code is unfair.

6th grader Anayah Kelly said, “I feel like certain students are targeted due to dress code.”

Hannah Scheifley, also a 6th grader, said, “I think the dress code needs to be more modernized. Students today wear all different kinds of shirts and pants and they should be allowed.”

6th grader Arabella Buziak believe that the dress code used during PSSA testing at Lengel was appropriate and didn’t cause any problems. She said, “wearing sweatpants or leggings was a lot more comfortable than having to sit all day wearing jeans.”

There were much less dress code violations during the week of testing, which caused less traffic in the office and a happier student body overall. Brynn Cannon said that “everyone was more comfortable and in a better mood.”

There were not any increases in discipline referrals or any safety issues due to students being able to wear sweatpants and hoodies during that week of testing. The students were more focused and comfortable in their classes and on their tests.

In conclusion, I and many of my peers believe that the dress code should be changed for the future school years.