Junior high girls’ basketball excels this season

Our junior high girls’ basketball teams have been competing very well this season. Seventh grade has a current record of eleven wins and one loss, and eighth grade has a current record of nine wins and four losses. There are seven more games before the end of the 2021-2022 season. Both seventh and eighth grade will play Pine Grove, North Schuylkill, and Blue Mountain, and seventh grade will also play Schuylkill Haven on February ninth. Our seventh grade team has already defeated Pine Grove and North Schuylkill, but lost to Blue Mountain, and our eighth grade team has already beat Pine Grove and Blue Mountain, but lost to North Schuylkill. The last two weeks of the season are seventh grade’s chance to beat Blue Mountain, and eighth grade’s chance to beat North Schuylkill. 

When asked what her favorite part about being on the team was, eighth grader Ava Orlowsky said, “When I make assists or score points that contribute to our team’s wins, I feel a sense of pride that I can’t get anywhere else.”

I personally love playing basketball, and being able to play with my friends makes the sport even better. I am so excited to play in high school next year, and watch our program grow.