Art Club returns to Lengel


Photo courtesy of Ms. Lindsey Boncore

TRUNK OR TREAT – Many art club members participated in the Trunk or Treat event held at Lengel on October 25.

The Art Club is a club that you can join here at DHHL. The Art Club has meetings once in a while during homeroom. Some stuff you get to do in the Art Club are you can decorate trunks for Trunk or Treat, you get to vote on mural theme ideas on what to paint on the wall in the cafeteria, and lots more. The Art Club is available to all grades. I think you should most definitely join the Art Club! (Desiree Ashman)

The projects the Art Club is primarily focused on are Pinch Pot Planters, a new “Supply Shack” mural (in the hall to the cafeteria), and an 8th Grade Mural. The Pinch Pot Planters are made of clay which get fired in the kiln before glazing. Since I’m a big houseplant owner, I’ve propagated several plants so students can take home their very own houseplant! They include Christmas cactus, aloe, and jade plants. My hope is that we’ll get proficient enough in creating these planters so we can hold a plant sale in the spring.

These “Maker Sessions” are held both after school and during homeroom, that way all students are able to participate whether they have a ride or not. After almost two years of minimal ceramics and abridged art projects, it’s heartening to see students get excited about art and be uplifted by creating! (Ms. Boncore)

If you are interested in joining the Art Club, please see Ms. Boncore in room 101 by December 1!