Lengel students outline winter break plans

 On Wednesday, December 23rd, winter break starts. This winter break is different than most because of the pandemic, but some students and I still have plans. People are becoming more creative with their time involving the pandemic. People still are finding new ways to have fun!

I have talked to several students throughout fifth and eighth grade. Most of them said hanging and spending quality time with the family are on their agendas. Some students’ plans stood out to me.

5th grader Braiden Cabrera said, “We can’t do much because of lockdown, but I will mostly be enjoying my presents and baking cookies while listening to music.”

Emma Matz, 6th grade, said, “I’m going to be hanging out with friends and family and also going to Christmas church. The pandemic isn’t really stopping me from enjoying my Christmas break, but can’t go see Christmas lights because they are closed.”

7th grader Lexie Scanlan said, “ =I am going to dinner at my aunt’s house then she is going to her lake house and taking Christmas pictures. The pandemic isn’t stopping me from doing much.”

Finally, Bryce Lehman, 8th grade, said “I’m going sledding with my family and hoping it snows; if not I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.”

Just like everyone else who has plans, I have plans too! I will be spending time with family and doing Holy Supper. After reading about these students and their plans, maybe you can get ideas from them! Winter break is right around the corner– make use of it and have fun.