6th graders study “PSSA Prep”

What is PSSA Prep? Every 6th grader has it? It takes up 30 minutes of your school day? Well, PSSA Prep prepares you for the PSSAs. Pretty self explanatory, right? Instead of study hall, you focus on things like math or ELA to help you prepare for the upcoming tests. Teachers work out of PSSA coach books, but also use other things like Quizlet, Khan Academy, and CommonLit. Many teachers teach PSSA Prep including Miss Edling, Miss Holman, Mrs. Maroukis, Mrs. Saunders, and Mr. Schuettler. Learning math and ELA from two different teachers can be challenging for some, but most agree that it is helpful to get two different perspectives on a topic and that it actually helps students understand the topic in the long run. It looks like PSSA Prep is here to stay!