Lengel strikes up the bands

The D.H.H Lengel Middle School is very fortunate to have a Beginner and Symphonic band. The Beginner Band is for students that started playing their instrument in the beginning of the school year. The Symphonic Band is for kids that have been playing their instruments for a year or more in middle school. The Symphonic Band is usually for students in grades 6-8, although there are some exceptions. The Beginner players have an end of the year concert in May. The Symphonic Band members have a holiday concert in December and an end of the year concert in May.

Students interested in band can play almost any instrument in the band, and will get a lesson every other week with either Mrs. Houtz or Mrs. Kurtz, depending on what instrument you choose to play. Students that are in the Symphonic band also get to practice every morning during homeroom. Being in the band is a great opportunity to meet new people, while also learning a new skill. In addition to the Beginner and Symphonic Bands, Lengel also has a Pep Band! It might be too late to play an instrument this year, but you should definitely consider playing an instrument in the band next school year!