Spooks and snacks galore at Halloween dance

On Saturday October 19, the students of DHHL crowded the cafeteria doors waiting with their costumes to be let in at 7:00 p.m for the annual Halloween dance for all students in grades 5-8. Mr. Maley opened the doors promptly at 7:00, and the crowds shuffled in. To enter the dance, there was a $4 admission.

Once inside the cafeteria, the lights were turned off and there was music playing. The music was provided by DJs from Tide-Tek. There was cobwebs and props spread around the cafeteria. It hardly looked like the cafeteria we eat lunch in every day. There were snacks and drinks for sale. Some of the items were soft pretzels, iced tea, candy bars, and cookies.  Towards the end of the night the costume contest began. There were three winners per grade for best costume. The Halloween dance was a lot of fun, and the students really appreciated the grade job done by the PTO to plan this dance for us.