Teacher Tales: Mr. Schuettler

Mr. Schuettler is our school’s librarian, who you can obviously find in the library most days! He’s also in the cafeteria quite often doing lunch duties and helping out with morning and after-school duties outside. When asked what his favorite part of being a librarian is, he said, “I like that I can work with all the subjects and show people how to find information the right way.”

Mr. Schuettler likes to read fiction books best. His favorite author is Mitch Albom, who wrote the popular books “Tuesdays with Morrie” and “The Five People You Meet in Heaven.”

Mr. Schuettler worked as a substitute teacher for three years, and has been working as our school librarian for six years. That is a total of nine years of teaching so far!

If Mr. Schuettler could be any fictional character, he said he would be Harry Potter, which is one of his favorite books he read as a child. If he had to choose another profession besides teaching, he would be a professional firefighter. He is a local volunteer firefighter in the community, so you might see him out and about in his fire gear. He said, “I try to help everyone when they need help.”

Lastly, Mr. Schuettler said that if he could make an announcement that the whole world could hear, it would be to “READ!”