Teacher Tales: Miss Wood

Our middle school was fortunate to welcome a new face to the 5th grade team — Miss Wood! Her favorite sports team is Penn State, because that’s where she went to college. She graduated from Penn State earlier this year. Although Miss Wood doesn’t currently have any pets, she used to have a fish that lived for about ten years — that’s pretty long. If she could switch places with anyone, it would be someone in a different country. Miss Wood attended catholic school from kindergarten through 8th grades, and then went to Pottsville Area High School. Although she was nervous on the first day of school, she said that her awesome students helped to calm her nerves. She is still learning a lot as a first-year teacher, but is becoming more and more comfortable and confident every day.

One thing most people don’t know about Miss Wood is that her favorite subject is math. Her favorite color is light blue, and her favorite restaurant is Chipotle. Miss Wood said that her favorite part of teaching middle school so far is all of the students.

“I love the students, teaching math, and watching the students learn,” Miss Wood said.

In the summer, her favorite season, Miss Wood loves to head to the beach which is her favorite vacation spot. If Miss Wood had to choose a different career besides teaching, she would be an interior designer.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Miss Wood!