Teacher Tales: Mrs. Menchefsky


Image courtesy of Interstate Photography

Mrs. Menchefsky is a health and science teacher here at DHH Lengel. She has been employed by the Pottsville Area School District since 2006, but this is her first year teaching in the middle school. In previous years, she was a teacher at the high school. Before Mrs. Menchefsky started her teaching career, she worked for a microbiology lab and an industrial and textile dye manufacturer. She attended Muhlenberg College, and she went to Alvernia to get her certification in secondary education. Other than attending college in Allentown, Mrs. Menchefsky has always lived in Pottsville.

In her spare time, Mrs. Menchefsky plays the flute and the piccolo in the Third Brigade Band. She joined the band in 2000. Mrs. Menchefsky has studied tap and ballet since the age of five, and she dances as an extra in the Schuylkill Ballet Theater’s Nutcracker each November.

One of Mrs. Menchefsky’s personal goals in the past was to get her teaching certification. During this time, she worked as a substitute teacher and did homebound instruction. She did this so she could continue to pay her student loans, and finish her coursework in three semesters.

In her personal life, Mrs. Menchefsky’s biggest hero was her grandmother. She said that her grandmother was always super patient, and loved all of her grandchildren for who they were. Mrs. Menchefsky strives to have the same relationship with her son. She always accepts all of her students for who they are, even if they have different opinions than she does.

So, if you see Mrs. Menchefsky in the hallway, make sure to say “hi,” and wish her good luck in the middle school!